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Welcome to Dadshirts™!

Our Mission: to equip every dad with the power to deliver dad jokes through fashion.

Aside from the miracle of bringing life into this world an official license to tell dad jokes is one of the greatest joys of fatherhood.

You know what we’re talking about - the kind that makes everyone groan at its lameness, but makes a room feel lighter.

A good dad joke is part and parcel of our paternal charm. Our kids and wives love (and loathe) us for it!


But why just tell a dad joke when you can wear it, too?

For too long, our fatherly wit has been confined to just our loved ones. It’s time to share the dad jokes with the world, and elicit groans wherever we go!

DadshirtsTM clothing lets you do just that. 


How we started:

The concept of Dadshirts™ was born when my wife brought up the ‘when are we having kids’ question.

Equipped with my lame jokes, natural paternal instinct and solid admiration forModern Family’s Phil Dunphy, I realized I want to help every dad become the coolest Dad - with some of the best dad jokes from all over the world!

Dadshirts™ began when the next chapter of my life as a father did, in January 2019 with the birth of my daughter.


What we want to do, where we want to go:

Whether you’re a dad, soon-to-be dad, grandad or you vibe with the dad look…  We’re aiming to provide the best wearable dad joke fashion Dads in the world.

We plan on expanding our dad jokes database continuously, bringing you new products, and the punchlines to match.

Our dream is to be donating profits from Dadshirts to help children’s charities all over the globe.

We would love for you to become part of our story. If you purchase any of our products, send in pictures of you sharing quality dad jokes with your friends and family to be featured in our community. If you have a classic dad joke that is too good not to share - share it with us and we may just turn it into a shirt!


Founder, Dadshirts™

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